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Tire Shaving Offers many advantages o the serious competitor.   When a tire is shaved to 4/32 or 5/32 a nember of thing change in the tire.

Firstly, the contact patch is increased.  

In addition the tire will exibit less squirm, improving feel and response.

Another great advantage is the reduction of rotating mass.   This can be quite significant, depending on tire size.   The weight being removed is at the longest part of the level arm and will have the greatest impact on accelleration and braking.   .

This tire has been shaved to 4/32.  
This tire has been shaved to 5/32.

We have two videos available that show you how tires are shaved.  

In the first video tire shaving is demostrated with a tire that has been prepared by pre-shavng the center flat portion of the treat, which is done automatically.   The video shows how the radius is shaved.
The second video show the completion of the process and how the tire is measured to be sure the profile has remained the same as before the tire was shaved.


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